About Us

NOW OPEN at 7 W. Preston St. in the heart of the Mount Vernon cultural center of Baltimore.

Chef Gabriel Holden will be bringing his love of traditional Latin American cuisine to a whole new level with the founding of Chupies.  

Some Pico Planet sauces
A few of Gabe's infamous hot sauces

Gabe's childhood was filled with wonder and passion for food.  He dreamed of making people happy with his delectable creations. Throughout his travels he learned the health benefits of many different spices, and of the importance of using 100% all natural and authentic ingredients. He started marketing his homemade salsas and hot sauces as 'Pico Planet Foods' and selling them around town at various farmers markets in 2007. Since then he has expanded his menu and is excited to be offering his researched and historically accurate South American dishes to the palettes of Charm City.

HOURS: 7am - 7pm Monday through Saturday